Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Failures and Do-overs

So since I basically dropped the ball on the whole blogging thing, I'm making it my new school years resolution to stay on top of it. So here's the plan.

Once a week (probably early in the week like Monday or Tuesday) I'll post something lifestyle-y. Photos, crafting ideas, tutorials, things I've seen or I think are interesting.

And then at the end of each week (I'm aiming for Friday but it may end up being sometime over the weekend) I'm going to talk about a shop on Etsy. Not too many frills or whistles, and I won't ask for anything in return, but it's just a nice way to connect shops. So maybe I'll talk about what I love about the shop. Maybe I'll talk and then post a little owner interview. If you struggle with your shop, I can put up a critique of your shop and then let others weigh in. Basically I want it to be a fun way to learn about others shops. And once your featured, I hope you'll continue to stop by and support the other shops that are in my blog.

So I'm going to start the "lifestyle" bits now, and once I hunt down and etsy shop willing to be my guinea pig, I'll start the shop profiles. (Send me a convo or an email at if you want your etsy shop featured )

Ok first picture blog!

The picture above is from last week in glacier bay Alaska, where I was fortunate enough to be vacationing with my family. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I literally have close to 500 pictures of the bay because everywhere you turned there was a breathtaking view. It's deffinatly a vacation I will never forget.

- Mary


  1. Gorgeous photo! Never have seen Alaska, but I hope to someday.

    Lovely blog.

    I'm HeartSpace on Etsy and I'm following your blog!

  2. Ah, I've had that too, the failure and the do-over, positive that this time it will be different. Sometimes it is. I stopped blogging for most of a year, but recently a renewed interest and determination has helped me post almost every day.

  3. Congrats on your new resolution to blog faithfully.