Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Etsy Shop Feature- Vegancraftastic

Sorry for the delayed feature! Busy holiday weekend! Anyways....

I'm proud to present to you today a lovely Etsy shop by the name of Vegancraftastic.

There's just something about this shop that makes me so happy (more then just the lovely photos!). Vegancraftastic is just a great shop to go into and look around, and so today I'm going to share a couple of my favorite items.

The first items being the awesome journals. I have a super soft spot for office supplies and note books, very much so a weakness and so I couldn't choose just one as my favorite.

I love this Halloween themed one, it reminds me of the Boxcar Children for some reason (did you ever read those books? they were my favorites when I was little!)

and then there's the Window to the Soul notebook

My final favorite notebook sold before I could write this (yay!) but here she is anyways, Her Majesty is Knitting notebook

Moving past the notebooks (so hard!) The next items that caught my eye were the fabric overed buttons (both in magnets and pins)

Even though it's time for fall now, I love the citrus summer colors of this pin-backed trio.
I'm totally nuts about this pin (eckkk that was corny :/)

And there's honestly nothing I couldn't like about this darling bird pin AND it's awesome photo!

Vegancraftastic's selection of accessories etc aimed at yarn crafters (crocheters and knitters alike) makes me sad that I don't have the patience or time to knit/crochet as much as I would like to.
If I did I would totally be wanting these AWESOME stitch markers (who am I kidding, I still want them even though I would probably lose them before I used them)

Although they're not meant exclusivly for knit/crochet-ers, I love how the drawstring bag is presented in this photo as a yarn/project bag.

And last but not least I absolutly this PDF pattern for this gorgeous bird nest!

Are you interrested in Vegancraftastic yet? if you are, you can:

check out the shop here

follow vegancraftastic on twitter

"like" vegancraftastic on facebook

and check out her blog

And now more about Vegancraftastic from it's owner:

How was Vegancraftastic started?

Vegancraftastic was started when I finally worked up the courage to start selling my handmade goodies. Friends and family told me for years that I should start my own business and I'm glad I finally listened :)

Looking back on the day you first opened your shop on Etsy, what is one piece of advice you know now that you wished you knew then?

Probably the importance of tagging my items so that people can actually find them, I had no idea how search on Etsy worked back then so it took me a while to find the best tags for my stuff.

Your shop contains a wide variety of items; do you have a favorite item to make?

My pins are really fun to make, and it's a challenge to find fabric that will look good on a 1" pin. But drawstring bags are also really fun to choose fabric for, mayve it;s the fabric shopping I like best, ha!

What do you think the future holds for Vegan craftastic six months from now?

Hmmmm, hopefully I'll have done at least one craft show, that's my next big goal

And that's all for this week's feature, be sure to check back next week, or look at the previous features. As always, contact me with a comment or other forms of contact is you're interested in being a featured shop.

Until then